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Choosing a good senior project

Choosing a senior project



I was going to add “for your Computer science degree” to the title, but obviously it would be too long, so if you are a business major or arts or any other field not related to computer science, I am sorry to tell you this is not the place for you if you’re searching for guidance in choosing your final project, anyway stick along maybe you’ll find something that might help you.

It’s been about 6 months since I presented my senior project; thankfully it was a great success,
A lot of my friends who haven’t graduated yet ask me how to choose a good senior project.

There is a lot to consider, after all your graduation depends on you passing that course.Choosing a good senior project for you BS in Computer Science or closely related field is not as easy as it sounds.

First you have to consider the time frame which is at best  5 month, second you have to consider the project itself, meaning  for which platform it will be designed for, the tools in use, programming languages, integrated development environments…

Most  advisors and professors will tell you when you ask  about the subject at hand is :pick something new to you so you can learn meaning don’t do a project using languages and tools you’re already proficient with, try to learn new languages and implement them ; after all when you’re in college everything you should be thinking of is learning, so avoid using things you’re already familiar with; I did the same ,I learned web development from scratch; and trust me projects will teach way better  than a teacher or a course will ever teach you.

If you’re working with a teammate consider that you have to present a project twice as good as you will if working solo, that’s what the  jury expects, so put in mind that you both have to work hard, you also have to make time for DAILY meetings to work on the project, if your teammate lives far from you and you can’t see each other regularly, you’re in trouble, myself I had a teammate that lived close by and we met almost every day and even then I will tell you it was hard.

Appearance vs. Functionality, it’s a great dilemma; to go for better appearance less functionality, or better functionality less appearance?

Finding a balance is pretty hard ,for me I would go for better functionality since we are not all “stylists” and designers, however keep the appearance simple and tidy, even though it shouldn’t matter people tend to focus on appearances; of course I am not implying that these people are shallow in real life…

Finally:”Presentation” , a good presentation can make a bad project seem good, and vice versa, be sure to prepare and rehearse your presentation multiple times, you presentation slides must be neat and not too crowded meaning don’t  fill your slides with too much information, be brief and straight to the point. While doing your presentation try not to read straight from the slides, try to memorize what’s  written or just improvise along the way ;after all you’ve been working on the project for  months, you’ll know pretty well  what it is and what’s in it.

Your senior project even though tiring, sometimes frustrating is a wonderful experience that you should make the most of, hope this post gave you some idea on what to do.


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